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If you came to this page, you probably liked my work, which makes me very happy.  And making people happier is what my work is all about.  When a woman is wearing something beautiful and unique, she feels the same way about herself too.  Giving women not just jewelry, but the great feeling of self confidence is the best job in the world!

I live in Moscow, Russia and even though my father is a great artist, I never thought of trying myself in this field.  I graduated from Moscow University of Electronics and worked for a couple of  years as an engineer, but after I gave birth to three kids I needed to find some work I could do from home.  I guess it was my lucky day when I saw an ad for seed beading classes. Sometimes I feel I am the luckiest woman alive - I have great family, supportive friends and my work, which is not just the way to make a living, it's a dream coming true.   Beading is a fascinating  form of art and there are lots of things I have not explored yet, so come back again to see my latest work.




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My father's work

Vadim Konstantinov was born in 1937.

He graduated from Kharkov University of Arts and is a member of the Russian Guild of Artists.

He is a renowned master of jewelry design and has been working in this field for over 30 years.

His work has been exhibited throughout Russia and Europe and is currently in the exposition

at the National Museum of History in Moscow, Sanctuary Museum of Decorative Arts at the Trinity-St.

Sergius Laura (Monastery) and in private collections.


Here are samples of his work:

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