Alexey Goder, PhD

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Expert in Outsourcing and Off-shore Team Management

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Seasoned entrepreneurial engineering leader with an established track record of developing and executing off-shoring strategy for  S&P500 company.  Consistently delivered cutting edge technology while meeting cost targets.  Established an ISO9000-compliant software development process in Russia, India and China with rock solid IP protection and compliant with US Government export licensing.  Spearheaded cross-functional multicultural teams in semiconductor manufacturing,
medical,  and oil exploration industries.  Authored 8 US patents. 

         Excellent ability to deliver on-time by establishing and maintaining software/engineering development process

         Strong experience in cost control of engineering/software development 

         Extensive experience in managing outsourced and off-shore software/engineering  teams in Russia, India and China

         Expertise in IP protection and Government export licensing of dual-use technologies for overseas projects

         Strong skills to hire, coach and train employees and managers in the US and overseas

         Technical expertise in Multitasking real-time software equipment/instrument control,  Embedded systems,  Semiconductor simulation and modeling, Robotic design and wafer handlers, Web-based applications, Adaptive control theory and algorithms, Fuzzy logic, Expert system, and AI

         8 US patents


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