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1994-2009                       APPLIED MATERIALS, Santa Clara, CA
Senior Manager

Pioneered software and engineering outsourcing since 1999.  Established and championed the success of an engineering group in Russia.  Managed a team of 40 people and over $2M of outsourcing budget.   Achieved consistent cost reduction on the quarter-to-quarter basis.  Achieved a cost reduction of 20% below the 2000 average cost of an outsourced Engineer.  

Established the infrastructure and business process to guarantee IP and technology protection for outsourced operations. Obtained several US Government export licenses to transfer technology classified as dual use by the Export Authority Regulations.  Achieved the highest score of 98% during 2008 IP protection audit. 

Established the most knowledgeable and experienced modeling group in the semiconductor industry capable of simulating Plasma, CFD, Electromagnetic, Thermal, Stress and Optical metrology using ANSYS, CFD ACE+, Maxwell 3D and NASTRAN.  Delivered innovation, cost savings and development time reduction for all major Applied Materials product lines. 

Invented a new HSMS multiplexing algorithm (US Patent 7,571,017) and established and managed Advance Process Control software group developing iAPC applications including: R2R close loop control, data collection and processing, database management, Statistical Process Control, alarm notification. 

Invented a Carousel Wafer Transfer System and Transfer Chamber Cooling Station – an innovative way to improve throughput and cool down wafers while being transferred to/from chambers (US Patents  6,575,737; 6,468,353; 5,951,770; 6,287,386).  Achieved over 200 wafers per hour throughput. 

Invented  a multi-computer chamber control system for RTP applications (US Patent 6,424,880).  Managed  the architectural design development and implementation of the next generation RTP product based on distributed real-time control using the 100 Hz remote temperature measurement system under VRTX/VxWorks.  The product achieved 80% market share. 

Established and managed the software department for Thermal Processes Organization of Applied Materials since the creation of the division in 1994.  Established a software development process to assure high quality of software releases and maximum customer satisfaction with on-time delivery.  Achieved delivery of major software releases within 1 day of scheduled target and minor software release within two hours of planned target.  Hired and trained software engineers and managers.   

1992-1994                       ANDROS, INC., Berkeley, CA
Senior Software Engineer

Developed software for real-time DSP for infrared respiratory gas analyzers (medical applications) using embedded Motorola 68332 CPU.  Developed and implemented algorithms and software for multidimensional fitting, interpolation and compensation of gas concentrations, non-linear filters to avoid spikes in signals,  PID control loop. (US Patent 5,464,982). 

 1991‑1992                           PELTON COMPANY, INC., Ponca City, OK
Research Scientist 

Developed a unique algorithm and software for real-time adaptive control of seismic vibrators using  linear and pseudo-random sweep signals for 68030 processor under OS-9.  Developed minimum phase reference pilot for better performance of seismic vibrators.  Performed pilot signal modeling and processing.  Developed Decimated Fast Fourier algorithm for ultra fast calculations in real-time.  Supported Pelton Company’s business activities and projects in Russia.               

 1990-1991                           MEGATEST SERVICE, Moscow,  Russia

Founded the company in September 1990, one month after the USSR Government allowed for privately owned companies in certain industries.  Established business operation, formed software teams, led engineering activities.  The company designed, developed, implemented, and sold software products for geological and geophysical relational databases using R:BASE and FoxPro.  Company profit margin reached 50%. 

1978‑1991            CENTRAL  GEOPHYSICAL  EXPEDITION,  Moscow,  Russia
Head of the Department 

Grew through the ranks from Junior Engineer to the Head of the Department.  Supervised 35 people.  Developed theory, algorithms, software and GUI under UNIX, MVS, MS-DOS for pattern recognition of lithological oil and gas traps.  Project Led development of the software for visualization of inverse seismic kinematic problems.   Developed algorithms of decision making for choosing oil well locations based on Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, and Artificial Intelligence methods.


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